Here is some answers to some common questions that our clients and prospective clients may have regarding our services
Q: Once my photos are done editing, how will they be sent?
A: Once we are done editing your photos, which will be done 48 hours from taking the photos or your money back, previews of the photos with a water mark will be sent via google drive, along with an invoice for the amount due. Once the bill is paid, another google drive link with the full images without a watermark will be sent.

Q: You will really give a refund if the photos are not finished within 36 hours?
A: Yes! We are so confident in our 36 hour photo turnaround time that we will give a refund if we do not send the photos within a 36 hour period. Matter of fact, most of the time the photos are sent the next day. Keep in mind, that the timer stops once the watermarked preview images are sent. The full non-watermarked images are sent once you pay, so if you pay 3 days later, the full images become available at that 3 day mark when you pay.

Q: I was sent the watermarked images, when I pay will I receive the full images right away?
A: Yes! We use google drive to upload all of our preview images and final images. Once you send payment, the link to the final images will be unlocked right away. We do this to ensure payment, but also want you to be happy with the images before you pay.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards, cash, Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle. We do not accept check, however, may be able to make an exception in the case that you cannot pay any other way.

Q: Do you shoot flambient or HDR?
A: We utilize both methods! HDR is used predominately for exterior shots, but is also used in some cases for interior shots. Most shots are shot using the flambient method. The flambient method is a method of real estate photography where an ambient shot is blended with one or more flash shots, and a shot to get the window dark enough to see out of it.

Q: What happens in the event of bad weather?
A: This is entirely up to you, but if nothing is said we will still try to shoot. A sky replacement will be used to insert a blue sky when needed in the event of a cloudy or rainy day. In the event of rain however, dryer weather will be needed to shoot with the drone. Usually if it's raining bad, we will still shoot the inside and outside of the house, and then come back at another time ASAP for the drone shots.

Q: The property that I want you to shoot is near an airport, can I still get drone shots?
A: Yes! As long as it's not literally inside the airport or practically in you're backyard, we can get permission to fly near airports. However, this requires a legal flight plan to be submitted to the FAA in order to receive clearance, which can take several business days. Let us know in advance and we will let you know and get the ball rolling!

Q: What quality video/photos do you send?
A: For video, we will send a 4k 30fps video. For photos, we will send a 25-35 megapixel JPEG image. Please let us know if you have any special requests.
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